Age Ratings

Age Rating is an important system that helps us categorize Digital Comics for the appropriate audiences. Our Digital Comics must be age rated correctly for two reasons: to determine which comics can be available to readers of all ages, and more importantly, to ensure that challenging and potentially offensive material is restricted to mature audiences. 

Guidelines for Determining Age Ratings

  • All Ages
    • No violence
    • No suggestion of mature themes
  • 9+
    • 1-2 mentions of very mild innuendo.
    • Fantasy violence, or 1-2 depictions of mild realistic, bloodless violence.
    • No objectionable language.
    • No gambling.
    • No scenes of realistic psychological torment.
    • Mild mature themes presented gently and discretely, eg. death, afterlife, divorce, illness.
  • 12+
    • 1-3 occurrences of harsh language, up to and including "goddamn" and "shit".
    • Generalized, non-explicit sexual reference is acceptable, but no explicit visual or verbal depictions of sexual acts.
    • Gambling is acceptable
    • Realistic but non-gory violence is acceptable.
    • 1-3 occurrences of mild alcohol or tobacco use contributing to character or setting. (eg. Wine with dinner.)
  • 15+
    • 4 or more uses of harsh language, up to and including "goddamn" and "shit".
    • 1-2 uses of "fuck" as an expletive, not a verb.
    • No explicit nudity (bared genitals or female nipples).
    • Adult material may be dealt with frankly, but not graphically, i.e. written or drawn representations of sex are acceptable, but no explicit visual depictions of specific erotic acts therein (graphically depicted physical arousal, penetration, et al.).
    • Frequent use of adult material (violence, sex, language) should be in service of the story (utilitarian), rather than for its own sake (or to titilate).
    • 1-2 depictions of explicit, gory violence
    • Frequent appearance of blood alone, without showing the associated act of violence. (i.e. a bloody crime scene.)
    • 1-2 occurrences of alcohol or tobacco use that is non-glorifying, or includes a consideration of its consequences.
    • Verbal description of illegal drugs.
  • 17+
    • 3 or more uses of "fuck" as an expletive.
    • Any use of "fuck" as a verb
    • Frequent and explicit sexual activity with NO graphic penetration or depiction of genitals with pornographic intent.
    • Gore and/or pervasive bloodshed.
    • Extensive or glorifying alcohol or tobacco use.
    • Any depiction of drug use.
  • Adult
    • Explicit pornographic depiction of sexual activity or genitalia.
    • Pervasive explicit gore
    • Explicit sadistic violence, especially of a sexual nature.
    • Conceptual content (i.e., content conveyed by words) involving violence or hatred presented for the apparent purpose either of offending prevailing social norms or endorsing violence or hatred. Examples of the subject matter typically involved would include hatred or violence directed at a person or group for reasons of race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or political opinion, but may also be directed at more generalized groups such as victims of a humanitarian tragedy such as a natural disaster or a violent rampage. *This item will usually coincide with one or more of the other Adult qualifications; please consider the material carefully if the only offending elements are verbal or conceptual.
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