What's BotComics Submit?

It's a self-publication platform for comics, text stories, illustrated stories, audio books and video books.

Main Features: 
  • Each user can create and manage multiple publisher profiles (“Facebook Like” Fan Pages).

  • Create publisher profiles it's free.

  • Publish on BotComics it's free. There are no fees for publishing and there are no limits.

  • As a publisher you’ll pay only if your products are streamed or sold and the fees are discounted from your earnings. You’ll never pay upfront.

  • Readers can follow you and they’ll be updated when you publish new content.

  • We do not moderate the contents. The community define what's good and what's not thru ratings.

  • The most highly rated content will be featured on the homepage, the newsletters and in every single marketing campaign we make to boost your earnings. That's our way to "curate" the contents and to challenge the publishers to improve and to upload good quality works each time.

  • Readers can stream unlimited or buy individually.

  • Readers can follow other users so they can see what are the others are reading. That means "influencers" in the future.

  • We have an affiliate program so you can be a user, a publisher an affiliate with a single account. You can earn money, even without creating contents or if you are publisher, you can promote BotComics.com as your official store. As publisher you will earn as a publisher and as affiliate if you drive traffic that converts into an individual purchase or a subscription.

  • The products can be published on any language. You can have access to an international audicence.


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