Frequent Asked Questions – Illustrators

  • How long the work approval process takes?

    • Depending on the production team work load, it can take up to 7 working days.

  • Which are the payment methods? 

    • We use PayPal, since is the easiest way to pay, it’s fast and has low fees.

  • Can I use my own drawing style or I need to follow any specific style?

    • We prefer the “american comic style” but we are open to new styles, except the “Manga Style”. Submit your portfolio and we will tell you if your style is acceptable.
  • Can I publish the works submitted to BotComics on other websites or selling them in other formats or supports? 

    • No, you can’t. We own exclusive rights for publishing and selling your works.

  • Which are the prefered formats for submitting the illustrations? 

    • JPG at 300dpi resolution
  • What is the Illustrator Schedule Form?

    • It’s required to state the ownership of the work and a payment receipt.
  • Why should I sing a contract?

    • It protects our rights and yours and it defines the limitations of each other.

  • Which is the rate for each illustrated page?

    • Rates are defined according your seniority and background as an artist and the quality of your work.

  • Can I illustrate for other websites?

    • Sure, you can illustrate for any website that you like except websites of the same kind. i.e: You can’t illustrate for other Giantess websites.
  • I can deliver pencil and inks only, do you have colorists to complete my work?

    • In almost all cases we can use a colorist to finish your illustrations. Please contact us so we can coordinate with our team.
  • Can I deliver the complete illustration, including ink, color and text bubbles?

    • It’s what we prefer but if you can just deliver the ink, it could be acceptable for us in most cases.
  • I there a minimum quantity of pages per month to deliver?

    • We only hire artists capable to deliver a minimum of 11 to 12 pages per month. If you are not able to deliver such a quantity, we can’t hire you since 11 to 12 pages it’s for us a single comic chapter which is the “minimum measure unit”
  • I there a maximum quantity of pages per month to deliver?

    • There only limit will be given by the availability of new written scripts to illustrate and the work balance between you and other artists. We prefer not to accumulate nor publish too much work of the same kind.
  • Does the contract expires?

    • Any part can decide to terminate the contract anytime without submitting new works and/or without accepting new works but if you have a work in progress, you need to finish the series first and then you can ask to terminate the contract.
  • Can I sign the pages?

    • No, you can’t. We do not accept signatures on any work.
  • My works will be posted using my real name?

    • No. We never use your real name. You need to choose a pen name so we can use it on our network.
  • My question isn’t here, how can I submit a new question?

    • Leave a comment using the form below and we will add your question with the proper answer immediately.
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