How to use a Linkcode

What Are Linkcodes?
Linkcodes track the actions of your traffic by counting views, clicks, and conversions. Linkcodes let you know if your marketing efforts are effective.

They Work With Your CCBill Affiliate ID
Linkcodes work in conjuctions with your CCBill Affiliate ID, allowing us to track your conversions and pay you the 50% revenue share.

Create Linkcodes Anywhere
Create linkcodes on any of the 800+ published chapters on all of our websites. Just click the “Linkcode” button.

Configurable Landing Page
Normally traffic is sent to the chapter or series where you created the linkcode, but if you can send traffic to any page on our site by using the “url” variable in the linkcode to configure a landing page of your choosing.


You just need to change the URL after the parameter &url= with any link that you want and your traffic will be redirected as you see fit.

Some options:

A (Same chapter):

B (Homepage):

C (5 Day FREE Trial Landing page):

Track Impressions
The linkcode system will automatically track clicks and conversions on all your linkcodes, but to track impressions, you will need to load a tracking image using the “img” variable. This can be a 1x1 tracking pixel, a banner ad, or any other image of your choice. Just make sure to load the image on the same page you include the linkcode.


<img src="">

Although it is not necessary, the most common use is to create a banner ad that tracks impressions, clicks, and conversions, by making clickable banner ad. Use the “img” variable to load your ad and then use the “url” variable to send the traffic to the landing page of your choice.


<a href="">
<img src="">

In the above example, the “banner_ad.jpg” is loaded as a clickable image and the user is sent to the homepage after clicking. Remember, you can load any image to increase the linkcode impressions counter as long as it is on the same web page as the linkcode.

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