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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. 

Our affiliate program:

BotComics has its own affiliate program "Cashforge" which is gradually being integrated with the BotComics websites by introducing a brand new concept of promotional tools. 

Instead of using (only) the classic ads formats like Free Hosted Comics, Free Hosted Galleries, Half Page Ads, Full page Ads and animated GIF Banners we also offered a two versatile tools:

1. EMBEDED BANNERS. Not a big deal if you think that YouTube is doing exactly the same for years but it's an original idea for the adult industry :)

2. CONFIGURABLE LINKCODES: Full of options to lead the traffic to a specific landing page. It can also be inserted on an image so impressions can be tracked as well.

How an affiliate program works?

You share any banner or any other ad on your website or blog and we start tracking the traffic. 

If someone clicks on the ad and convert that click into a sale or subscription you will be rewarded with the 50% of each individual sale (one time) or subscription (till the subscription is remains active). It means that for a recurring subscription active for a year you will be paid every month with each rebilling for 12 months. 

How can I start earning money?

Please follow this steps: 

  1. Login (or register if you didn't yet) on any of the websites of our network (bestoryclub.com, giantessclub.com, bimbostoryclub.com)
  2. Link your ccBill Affiliate ID with your BotComics Account (click to see how)
  3. Embed a banner or insert a linkcode on your website or blog (click to see how)
  4. Track sales and shares on ccBill Dashboard

If you don't feel comfortable with this process and you need help, please submit a new request and you will be assisted!

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