Can I resume an abandoned order?

Yes! You just need to enter on the order history and click on "Go To Payment Gateway". 

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    On my order history it says:  

    "This Purchase is new.

    We successfully registered your order, and are about to request or process your payment. "

    but I can't find: "Go To Payment Gateway" and when I try to make other purchases a notification states:" please finish all purchases before making new ones"


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    Customer Support

    Please try on a private tab.


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    Zach Miller

    I have the same issue as stated above, what does “try on a private tab” mean?

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    BotComics Marketing

    Hi Zach, here you have an explanation: 

    The name of the private browsing tab varies depending on the browser you are using. 

    If you still experience problems, please create a new request so a customer support representative can assist you. 

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