New Streamer Technology

Today, we announce a new version of the streamer for all our comics and stories. 

We include some visual changes that enhance the user experience.

Some of the changes are: 

Improved ratings on the streamer:

You can say if you liked (or not) what you have just read before leaving the story. You don't need to back to the series or chapter to thumbs up or down the story. 

Improved controls:

  • Define "fit to width" or "fit to width and height" with just one click on an icon.

  • Set your zoom by clicking on the - or + icons

  • Scroll it's easier, you can now change the page from the controls at the top bar, or by clicking the arrow at the bottom, or using the scroll wheel on your mouse or just swipping your fingers on the touchpad.


Because of the change, some pages might load wrong the first time.

Be sure to delete the browser's cache and/or cookies, so everything can load from the scratch, to ensure that you are loading the new version of the streamer and not parts of the old one.




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