How can I create a new pin?

STEP 1: Click on the first + icon at the top right part of the page



STEP 2: Choose an upload method/source

Allowed file formats are: JPG, PNG and GIF.


STEP 3: Upload the file


STEP 4: Describe & Categorize

Create a new board if you want to group the images (i. e.: Of the same model)


STEP 5: Link your source

If you are not the creator, link the source so the authors get credit for their creations


STEP 6: Confirm

Be sure to see the confirmation page to be sure that your pin was successfully created. Click on "Add Another Pin" if you want to repeat the process. 


STEP 6: See This Pin or Share

Share the pin on social networks. Be sure that the content is allowed on each specific social network. Twitter and Reddit allows explicit adult images and porn. That's not the case for Facebook and Google+ that only allow "sexy" images but nothing explicit. 

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