Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since we launched Really long.

It offered Morph and Huge Tits lovers a great place to share and enjoy the most diverse kind of creations.

But the website was ancient like no other website on the World Wide Web. We are proud of that, but it's time for a change. 

On it's 20th birthday we are doing what we should have done a long time ago, but due to the complexity of the "beast" and the lack of alternatives for doing a "simple transition" we didn't.

Today, we announce the new version of We have decided to make it simpler and more democratic. 

Although we are listing on the menu the old and more prolific Morphers of all times, anyone can create contents now.

There is just one type of user on this new website, the prosumer.

You can create contents by yourself, create different boards to categorize it and share anything with anyone. If you are a prolific content creator you can ask to be featured on the menu and you'll get a subscriber account (but without paying anything).

If you are a customer or a free member

You don't need to worry about your user. Your old credentials are just fine to login on the new website. If you have any issue, do not hesitate to submit a new request and you'll be assisted by customer support. It applies the same with the forum. There is just one username and password to enjoy both website and forum.

If you are a former Morpher/Gallery Owner

And you can't locate your works or you see your works in the new website linked to a username you don't have access to.

Please submit a new request and provide all the proof you have about the ownership of the morphs (i.e.: share a PSD with the morphing process or ask a moderator or the community to validate your identity).

We couldn't migrate all as we would like to, but we will be fixing case by case till all the Morphers have control of their creations and linked to a username of their choice.

If you can't locate a content that you loved

First of all, don't panic ;) 

We are aware of this big change. We tried to migrate all but it was just impossible so we had to make some tough choices. It doesn't mean that you won't have access to a relevant content. Just submit a new request so we can track whatever is "missing" and will make our best to find it and bring it back to the new website. 

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